Birth of Fritz Unützer, who still manages the company today.

„The profile and philosophy must be right, and it is important to stay true to one’s beliefs.”


Fritz Unützer senior opened a fashion store in Maximilianstrasse, which was soon to become one of the most prestigious addresses in Munich.

„If we desire something, we have already unconsciously thought up new concepts.“


A twenty-year-old Fritz Unützer went to London for two years and underwent training with Burberry. During this period, he also spent several months with the shoe manufacturer Church. This left a lasting impression on him and awakened the passion for shoes that is still his driving force today.

„Shoes are about emotion, fascination and personal expression.“


The brothers Fritz and Peter opened the “English House”. The concept of not selling the goods over the counter was revolutionary at the time. Unützer brought the idea from “Swinging London”.

„We never compromise on quality.“


Unützer graduated from INSEAD Business School, Fontainebleau.

„Some things are much more than just fleeting trends.“


Fritz Unützer acquired the licence for Ralph Lauren brand retail outlets in Germany. The first branch was opened in Munich; Hamburg and Frankfurt followed. In 2002, Fritz Unuetzer relinquished the licence.

„First of all, the shoe must fit. But it must also be versatile. And, of course, durable and very gratifying.“


A shoe factory in Fosso – 20 km from Venice – was offered for sale. Essentially, Fritz Unützer just wanted to mediate for a business acquaintance who is interested in acquiring the factory, but the acquaintance withdrew. Without further ado, Unützer bought it himself. In the same year, he presented his first ladies’ shoe collection at a trade fair in Munich.

„Shoes transform a woman.“


Production centred on the ballerina, a versatile shoe that cut a fine figure for every occasion.

„They should be wearable while also being elegant and timeless.“


At the same time, 100 different models of shoe were being produced annually.

„I find it difficult to let go of things that have a sensuous value.“


Unützer ranked alongside Louis Vuitton, Prada, Hogan and Missoni as one of the ascending brands of the year in the fashion/accessories section of the 2008 AWA Top Level survey.

As though it were a part of me.“


About 50,000 pairs of shoes were being
produced by the factory annually.


25 Years
Unuetzer Shoes


Opening Unützer Shoe Boutique Berlin