The famous Unützer ballerinas are made by hand in 104 individual steps. Here are the 16 most important.

1. The leather is selected and its quality inspected.

2. The leather is cut out using templates and prepared for further processing.

3. The delicate material is fashioned for the toe of the shoe.

4. Subsequently the edges of the pieces of leather are thinned to allow them to be stitched more easily

5. and then allow work on the rear cap.

6. Corded ribbon is now compared and selected by colour, prior to

7. stitching it on and

8. fastening it into position.

9. The leather ribbon for the bow is threaded in.

10. The bow is tied.

11. The leather is now pulled over the last.

12. The leather is tugged more firmly by hand, tautened and

13. hammered out, in order to

14. fit the sole.

15. The sole is now attached.

16. The shoe undergoes a final inspection.